We will ask you for feedback at the beginning and end of your treatment. This feedback is important and helps us to continue to develop what we offer.

We take all feedback, comments and suggestions seriously and many of the things we do have come about directly from people’s suggestions.

We aim to provide you with a high quality service, which seeks to meet your needs. If you think things could be done differently, either for the benefit of yourself of for others, please talk to the member of the South Gloucestershire Talking Therapies.


Feedback about the service

“I found that my practitioner was very understanding of the problems that I face. Their suggestions concerning future treatment seemed to me to be sensible and worthwhile, and I am happy to proceed along the lines suggested.”

“My practitioner was very great at keeping me focussed on myself which has helped me so, so much! I have surprised myself with the amount I’ve been able to change for the better. Thank you!”

“There was someone there who gave me a plan, almost like another person to show you the way. It helped give me the right to look after myself and knowing there is a lifeline.”

“The service was amazing. All the advice and help I got really helped me. Thank you very much.”

“From the receptionist to my therapist my whole experience was helpful to me and I could not have wished for a better outcome.  I would recommend CBT to anyone.   It has opened up doors that were locked for years.”

“After months of feeling low, anxious and worried all the time I finally feel like me again! My therapist explained things really clearly and helped me see things differently. I found the sessions really helpful – thank you.”

“I have only had one appointment in which I explained my history and my problems.  Straight away I felt I was understood and my therapist knew exactly how I needed help.  I have been referred onto a self-help course and feel confident it will help me further.”


Course Feedback

“Everything covered throughout the course was linked to problems and feelings I have been having, so it came across as very personal which really did help me to understand how to manage them.”

“Everyone was very kind and helpful. It allowed me to see that there were other people going through the same thing. The course helped immensely. ”

“Content each week built a framework/toolkit, which the therapists were able to put into context, use examples and be realistic about, which was very helpful, as was hearing from others in the group.”

“This course was really well delivered in a professional manner.  It’s content met my expectations and more.  I really engaged with it and would highly recommend it.”

“Mixed teaching techniques – drawings, brainstorming, lists, etc.  Comprehensive recaps beneficial to consolidate information or briefly cover if session is missed.  This was a helpful and clear course run by well trained and considerate staff.  I would recommend this service to anyone – everyone!”

“So glad I attended as I nearly did not. I am a new person and have got past brick walls already as a result of the course.”


Leave Feedback

If you would like to send in your feedback about your experience you can do so using the forms we give you following assessment and treatment. You can also email feedback directly to


If you would like further advice or support with feedback about the service or have a complaint you can contact the South Gloucestershire Patient Advice and Liaison Service.

Tel:            0117 947 4477 or 0800 073 0907
Website:    South Gloucestershire CCG Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS)