It can be difficult knowing the best way to support your staff who are off sick or at risk of going off sick with stress or mental health conditions. Sometimes those conditions are caused by personal factors or life events, sometimes they are exacerbated by work issues, and frequently it is a combination of the two – everyone has their limits.

Mental Health in the Workplace is something that is important for everyone, not just for those who develop mental health conditions. About 20% of people who develop a mental health condition do so as a result of workplace issues.

Employers have a duty of care towards all their employees, and that includes taking care not to damage or harm an employee’s psychological wellbeing.  Research has proven that wellbeing strategies; identifying those factors which enable staff to flourish and remain in good health whilst going about their work,  benefit staff morale and have a great impact on the bottom line too!

Useful links

Developed, led and supported by employers,  Mindful Employer provides businesses and organisations with to information and support for staff who experience stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health conditions.   Information about the Equality Act 2010 and reasonable adjustments can be found here.

The HSE has information about how to prevent work related stress and comply with the law on their website 

Information about the Fit Note (which has replaced the sick note) can be found at Gov.UK

The Acas Helpline provides clear, confidential, independent and impartial advice to both employers and employees who are involved in an employment dispute or are seeking information on employment rights and rules.   Access online or call 0300 123 1100 (8am-8pm Monday to Friday and 9am-1pm Saturday).  Acas: promoting positive mental health at work is a useful publication for employers.

Access to Work is a government funded scheme to provide financial assistance enabling employers to make reasonable adjustments in the workplace for people with disabilities.